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Blue Kyanite Wrapped Pendant on Cord - 20g - India - NEW1021

Blue Kyanite Wrapped Pendant on Cord - 20g - India - NEW1021

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Kyanite (also spelled Cyanite) is a polymorphic aluminum-silicate mineral that is formed during the regional metamorphism of clay-rich sediments. Kyanite is more attainable in its raw form, as its cleavage and shedding make it very difficult to create jewelry or other carvings from. It is predominately found in shades of blue and green with a pearly lustre, but it can also be yellow, white, grey, pink, orange or nearly black. Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra, allowing clear communication, and works well with clear quartz, and other amplifiers. It is important than Kyanite not get wet, as it contains calcite, which disintegrates in water. Kyanite can be found in Brazil, USA, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, India, and Africa.

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