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Fashion Dream Catcher Feather with Cotton Thread & Velveteen - Blue - 110x310mm

Fashion Dream Catcher Feather with Cotton Thread & Velveteen - Blue - 110x310mm

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Dreamcatchers have been used for centuries by First Nations Peoples across North America to help protect individuals from bad dreams and negative energies. Originally, dream catchers were created with round willow hoops (that represent the circle of life), and woven to resemble a spiders web. The web was believed to catch the negative dreams, and the empty space in the middle was to allow the good dreams to pass through, and represents the gateway to the spiritual world. The number of points on a dream catcher also has different meanings. 4 points represent the 4 different sacred directions, where 8 or 12 points can symbolize the moon phases or months of the year. Colours of dreamcatchers and the adornments of natural feathers, beads, gemstones or charms also hold a spiritual meaning, with each colour representing a different aspect of spiritual protection. Dream catchers are most often hung above or near the bed of a person to provide spiritual protection while sleeping. It is said that when dawn breaks, the sun burns the negative energies trapped in the dreamcatchers web, allowing only the positive energies to flow down the feathers to the person sleeping below. It is believed you should regularly cleanse your dreamcatcher with sage, sweetgrass or cedar smoke. Traditionally, dreamcatchers were created with all natural resources, such as willow, nettle, sinew, beads, shells, and feathers, Modern "Fashion" Dreamcatchers are made with a variety of natural and synthetic materials. Dreamcatchers Dreamcatcher Dream Catcher Metaphysical Spiritual Stores Langley Vancouver Surrey Abbotsford Canada Wholesale

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