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Hematite - 3 to 6 inches - Price per gram - Polished Points - NEW323

Hematite - 3 to 6 inches - Price per gram - Polished Points - NEW323

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Hematite is a gorgeous metallic stone with a high iron content. Its colouring can vary between a near grey-silver, to a darker bronze-red colour. Related to the root chakra, it helps to keep us grounded and wards off negativity from others. Many believe it us very beneficial to our physical health… especially our blood (the name is derived from the Greek word for “blood”). Hematite is said to reduce blood pressure and improve circulation and give our minds clarity and focus. *Please Note: All our organic gemstones and crystals are formed by Mother Earth. Natural “imperfections” such as surface cracks, various defects, and the shedding of some crystals are to be expected. Our products are carefully graded, and if we believe there is an UNNATURAL defect - the item will go under our “Imperfect Collection” clearance category. Please research how to properly “cleanse” and charge your crystals, as some crystals must not get wet, and others will fade in prolonged sunlight. All sales are final.*

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