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#1 Palo Santo & Sweetgrass Crystal Smudge Kit Gift Set - Medium - NEW723

#1 Palo Santo & Sweetgrass Crystal Smudge Kit Gift Set - Medium - NEW723

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Positivity/Protection/Cleansing - Our Palo & Sweetgrass Crystal Smudge Set was designed to help purify the air and energy in your space. The smudging contents of this kit include a natural abalone shell with wood cobra stand, one feather, one braided sweetgrass bundle, one white sage with sweetgrass smudge bundle, and 2 fragrant Palo Santo sticks. Also added to this kit is a tiger eye earth stone, and a fluorite double terminated point. One bottle of Goloka aroma oil completes this gift set, which is packaged in a reusable Paulownia wood tray with shredded cedar basket filler. *We may include an item of equal or greater value should something be unavailable due to supply issues- however, we ensure each smudge kit is coordinated in every way- from colours to intention. - Disclaimer: This gift set was created with the traditions of our First Nations Peoples in mine, blended alongside our love for crystals and gemstones. Our owners and employees acknowledge that we work and live on the unceded territory of the Katzie, Kwantlen, Semiahmoo and other Coast Salish Peoples. Our Crystal and Smudge gift sets are to be used as an additional to your daily routine- not in place of professional medical advice. Please ensure the space you are cleansing has proper airflow, these items should not be lit in closed spaces. - Langley Smudge Supplies Vancouver BC Smudge Sets Smudging Kits Surrey Specialty Smudge Sticks Products Sacred Smoke Traditional Smudge Cleansing Canada Canadian Smudge Crystals Langley Surrey Vancouver BC

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