Shungite - Dragon Tower Moulded Round - 4 x 1 inch - China - NEW1223

Shungite - Dragon Tower Moulded Round - 4 x 1 inch - China - NEW1223

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Shungite has a fairly diverse magical properties. Though he is black, but that does not mean that the mineral has negative energy. This stone is used not only in black but also in white magic. Magicians shungite used to make amulets to protect its action against the dark forces. This amulet gives the owner the state of tranquility. In addition to the mineral shungite balls used for cubes and pyramids. This stone is perfect for young energetic people. When worn, the Shungite spheres endow its owner success in matters of love. Shungite pyramid protects the housing from the negative energy and dark forces. Shungite cube attracts luck in business. Magicians some European countries use shungite to produce amulets, which will bring its owner good luck in love affairs. Shungite spheres have larger sizes, are used to protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation at work and at home. They relieve stress, neutralize emotional disturbances. Strengthening effect is due to the rolling ball in his hands. During the massage balls palms such people as relaxing and activates work of all vital organs. Also Shungite spheres are quite effective in the treatment of joints, asthma, disturbances of the nervous system, sciatica and varicose veins. It helps to improve blood circulation, eliminate pain in diseases of the joints and muscles. After a morning of massage shungite filled with cheerful people, it increases efficiency, reduces fatigue in the evening, and exhaustion. On the healing properties of shungite As a rule, shungite is widely used in folk medicine. Due to the fact that the stone has a black color, it is very good against colds, which are associated with hypothermia. Despite its therapeutic properties, it is worth noting that the prolonged exposure of the body of the mineral may lower blood pressure and reduce the power of the kidneys. This mineral is used rarely. The most common alternative medicine practices shungite water. Indications are healing items have not. The only thing that should be remembered when massage seriously ill and the elderly, as well as high blood pressure and low blood pressure - it control over the rate of blood pressure.

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