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Super Seven Adjustable RINGS - Assorted - Silver Color Plated Metal - mm - China - NEW223

Super Seven Adjustable RINGS - Assorted - Silver Color Plated Metal - mm - China - NEW223

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Super Seven, also known as Melody stone or Holy 7 is a very powerful and spiritual gem. It is one of the few stones that maintain their energy and purity. Combination Stone with a very high vibration consisting of rock crystal, amethyst, smoky quartz, rutile, goethite, and lepidokrokiet cacoxeniet, which is connected to the highest sources of guidance and inspiration. even if not all seven minerals, there are present in. Super Seven is excellent for improving all types of psychic abilities and psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, and others. This stone consolation and nourishes and opens all spiritual gifts. It supports and enhances the vibration of all other kristallen.Het is a powerful stone for crystal healing, and is excellent for healing the mind, body and spiritual discomfort. Super Seven is not linked to only one chakra, but is reportedly great for healing, balance and activate all seven chakra's.Mediteren with a super seven gemstone is a heavenly experience. * Opens the heart * activates our own wisdom * indicates in sight in the old patterns of thinking and acting are developed and could be broken * indicates room for a new, loving way of working life * broadens our intuition and brings us to a level * energizes the chakras and bring them into balance * helps to remind us that each of us a part of the big picture is * heals cellular memory * stimulates our spiritual talents and abilities and brings it to a higher level * keeps us grounded at the same time * helps in order to create confusion * reminds us that we are already whole and transform negative thoughts, fears and stress * it nurtures self-confidence * harmonises our body * supports the immune system.

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